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  1. Here’s a lil situation that may or may not have occurred last week. 

    2 people in the kitchen. V early. Getting ready for the day.plus tension from the previous day) 
    person a -cutting some veggies up 

    person b -called person a out of their name in a manner that person b knows is not cool at all with person a. Edit-during a v heated argument.  
    person a-turns quickly and takes knife and threatens to shove it up person b’s nose if it happens again.  I mean-the tip of the knife was resting inside the nostril. 
    person b doesn’t move a muscle or flinch. 

    Lemme tell you what. 
    It’s been about perfect ever since. 
    such peace in this house now. 

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  2. 19 hours ago, NightmareOnElmStreet said:

    Holy hell @SMdoubleXLthats trippy. Does she still live in the burg round you or dice moved? 

    Short story 

    chose college in PGH 

    I visit enough to make me wanna move but can’t until college is squared away

    she doesn’t wanna live in PGH-wanted to live by the beach 

    I told her if she wanted to live by the beach she needs to earn ‘live by the beach ‘money’ 

    after college. Her and her dude moved to Vegas into an apt we all agreed on so we can all save to move to our destinations. 

    she got a job dancing in a show in a casino on the strip (Ballys) it was a Motown cover show and she was lead dancer and lead female singer. I’ll post a clip when I can. 

    after our year lease. She moved to Long Beach we moved to PGH. I get to see her about once a year. We try to talk weekly.  But we share very social media platform so we stay current with eachother. 

    i put out nothin but winners, boys! Ha. That’s why I stopped at 1.   Seriously. I love my child and she has saved my life on multiple occasions but it is hard muh fuckin work and it’s nothing but sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice. I got fixed the minute I could. I would never want to do it again alone.  
     She lives in the same county as her dad. We have both ran into him. Literally. On Venice beach. She ran into him once and I, twice.  The first time I approached. The second time I just saw him but wasn’t worth approaching.  I had no idea he was “the king of Venice beach” (was on YouTube at one point ) at the time so he frequented.

    if I have learned anything about 2 people not agreeing on raising a child is -

    -I promise I promise I promise the child will see everyone’s true intentions as they get older. No need to bad talk the other parent. You look petty and it only backfires.
    -let your kid know you support them and  show your support REGARDLESS. 

    We don’t even wanna mention how he got away with paying 3k in chsup in all them years when it was calculated at 250some odd thousand.  

    Fuck my short story was long. My bad 

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  3. I’ve never told anyone what to do with their child or how to raise them etc…

    when my child was a youngin. Maybe bout 5-6 yrs old 

    and a childwas throwing a fit next to us. It caught my kids attention 

    I may have said, in a volume I wanted to make sure she understood -

    “You ever act like that and you’ll be staying home forever…(or some shit) 

    but the mom didn’t like it. 
    oh  well. I wasn’t talking to her. Or her kid 


    btw. My kid is 28 today yall. 28.


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  4. If it’s not shut all the way it sways all the way open.  He says it’s the summer swell, which I can tell the difference now that we’ve been here a year.  Idgaf what’s causing it. 
    he wouldn’t so I ask my dude here @mr.yuckit this trick works 



    I get out the hammer and screwdriver and remove the top pin. (Btw. There are only two hinges on all the doors in this place.) 

    all of a sudden he wants to help 

    had to do both hinge pins 


    but look


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  5. When I lived in Vegas, one of the delivery drivers that frequented the salon told us in the case where she would normally get road rage she had a giant double sided purple dildo she would wave around out the window at the person who wronged  her or if someone was upset at her actions. She said 100% of the time the rage was lifted from both drivers hahaha 

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  6. The door is really confusing. Like the entire place got fresh white (landlord special)walls. 
    they had to have known that door said that. Was told the person who lived here before us was here for like 20 yrs. So the whole place got done. New kitchen,  bathroom, flooring, appliances, lighting fans etc… 

    But the door? 

    seriously. I never see the back of the door I really forgot it was there. I’m only in there to sleep. It’s night time. I don’t notice the door. 

  7. 12 hours ago, Dark_Knight said:

    Bros I have been hung up on my ex for like 9+ months now. Keep going back and getting toxic and all that. I do not know how to break away. I need advice. I meet cool chicks then it just makes me want to be with her more so I ghost them and go back to toxic. How do I stop?

    just be about you for a while. The more you’re into you-you will naturally avoid toxic


    Dont aim to meet anyone. Just go ride a bike n shit. Read some books.  Take yourself to lunch. Focus on some financial plans. Anything else besides trying to have someone else. Just be about you! 

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  8. Went for a morning walk. Saw these two big ass birds on the road about 5 ft from each other. 




    had a hard time sittin still today. Rode the bus we usually take but the other direction -to the end. Several boroughs over.  Walked around for a spell. 


    someone was getting married.  Just them and two witnesses and an official. In the boroughs lil memorial park gazebos. 


    the women's bathroom in the park was awesome   I’m kicking myself in the ass for not checking out the mens to see if it was all blue. I’ll go back and check. 


    5 memorials right off of the tracks 









    came home and laid down for a quick spell. I never lay down in the day or hardly ever in there at all during the day and forget this is what it looks like in the room when the door is shut 




    started working on a project 




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  9. I tend to lock my knees when I’m standing and I can really tell when I stood longer than usual the day after. 
    gotta stick to that daily stretch. It’s better for you than you think. I’m closer to 50 than 40 and I run circles around these lil lazy fucks at work. 
    some key words also -


    discipline over motivation 

    If you’re disciplined you will never need to search for motivation. 


    deal with it. 😎



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