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  1. asic did paint that... him and lies are homies and are in the same crew
  2. sorry doofy but the retardinals are weak, broncos all day
  3. guarenteed every word has been taken at least once
  4. i hate it how punk bitches like tanx make the all of the northwest look bad
  5. sorry but doofys got you guys there the budskis in the nw is way better than any midwest bud
  6. am i the only one that noticed the sever up in the right corner!?
  7. the letters are pretty cool your 3-d is fucked though
  8. trust me i used to live in a city with noone doing anything and its alot better to have toys gettin up than no one getting up!
  9. what the fuck cause having your pieces travel across the country is gay....
  10. bumb the 206 and the homies hart and sker
  11. haha i'm voting for dreamworks all day haha
  12. wheres all these handies coming from i swear to god when i come down to portland all i ever see is buff marks!
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