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  1. dude im cooler than a jock at a high school party , bangin his homeboys girlfriend , after doing a line of cocaine
  2. they should ban wine too.... anything that tastes like shitpiss and makes people act stupid.
  3. i dont know if im trippin but that frieght character looks like kurt cobain.
  4. tanxxx_one

    Jackass 3D

    phil taking a shit was funny
  6. one time at my friend tommys house his dad was talking all this shit cuz we came back to his house eating wendys all stoned... so i ate a vanilla frosty and barBQ with chicken nuggets... and then his dad was in his room so he was like my dads asleep so he took his car keys but while i was in his room i had to shit.. so i pulled down my pants and crapped on his dad.. his radio was on volume 3 playing that old song "she worded hard for da money ... so hard for it homey!!!" and his face was brown he looked funny we ran out and took his car and racked paint.. brown paint.
  7. dam this is funny .... you guys know there's a kru called KYT right? ???? kill yo self nigga!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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