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  1. Three billion people on this planet don't really have shit. The whole "George Jetson/Star Trek/flying car/world peace" paradigm depends on a more even distribution of resources


    Not really. If living standards were equalized for everyone on the planet, 1st world standards would drop drastically. Nobody would have much fancy shit. Any realization of our visions of the techno-future depends on our ability to manage resources MUCH more efficiently than we do now. Maybe that's what you meant?


    In general...has anyone in here read Collapse by Jared Diamond? He also wrote Guns, Germs, and Steel. There are plenty of historical examples of how human societies have impacted resources and coped with climate change. Many of these civilizations were wiped out. It's completely stupid to think that humanity today doesn't have a vast and constantly increasing impact on the earth.


    I agree with most of what Shai Hulud is saying. In my opinion, I think it's wise to listen to scientists and be critical of what the government/big business is trying to sell us as "green" technology. There are different sides to the issue. I do think the problem is barely relevant at an individual level. Aside from living reasonably, you can't expect every individual in first world countries to do that much. Unfortunately these problems need to be addressed at a higher level. Things like requiring solar panels on every new home built, legislating caps on water use for lawns and gardens at home, shifting to greater reliance on nuclear power, building better public transit, this type of shit will have an impact.


    One of the most embarrassing environmental efforts I've seen is the one to conserve tap water. People are dumping huge amounts of water into lawns and golf courses, while farmers are pushing for more and more water (rather than more efficient irrigation) to dump on their crops, and we see commercials telling us not to leave the tap running? Tap water is what, 0.01% of water use? Our toilets are filled with clean water for god's sake. Maybe we are gonna ruin the planet.


    OK that was a rant.

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