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  1. They saw that he was on his cell phone as he was walking and they asked him "who was phone?" in broken english before they proceeded to push him around, and eventually cold cocked him in the jaw because he was wearing Sneakers with White Laces. They just do that because it fits their acronym. I also heard they Smoke Wizard Leaf. I don't really do drugs, so I don't know what that is, maybe some kind of hallucinigenic super marijuana they use before they go out and commit their heinous crimes.


    But who was phone?


    (It's pretty obvious that whole post is a joke.)

  2. ^Well that just doesn't have much bearing on what I said at all. It's nice to see that you take yourself so seriously though. Keep educating the populace, we've almost reached critical mass! Pro-tip: shades of gray are all the rage these days, start thinking about them. You probably won't understand what I mean by that.



  3. Greatest Indian food I ever had was in London.


    Really? All the Indian food I had in England was practically tasteless. It seemed like they toned it way down because English food is super bland.


    Indian food is the shit though, there's lots of good spots around me.

  4. btw mainframe: if you have something newsworthy, post it. don't let me overrun crossfire if you feel that the news i post is so unpalatable. go for it, post your obama worship articles.



  5. Torture doesn't yield reliable information





    Torture Has a Long History ... of Not Working






    Psychologists, Former Interrogators Discuss Torture



    You completely missed the point. Mining the internet for random articles that support your opinions (that's what they are) doesn't convince anybody that you know what you're talking about. I don't know why you think that gives you the leverage to go around telling people they have no idea what they're talking about, especially when you're starting threads like this. That was the point, I wasn't disputing anything about torture. The way you make this entire section of the forum completely unpalatable is worthy of many face-palms.

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