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  1. ha. it's fun to come on here when I'm drunk and troll the self-righteous libertarians who take themselves too seriously.


    but yeah, keep the government out of environmental issues. fun little notion to kick around, too bad it has no bearing on reality.

  2. yeah, it's difficult to clear skin viruses from warm, wet orifices such as vaginas. I was just saying that most of the drama/stress comes from fearmongering. It's extremely uncommon for anyone to actually need surgery (in a medical sense) for HPV, the vast majority of "operations" to remove warts are purely elective. As far as I can tell wart causing strains are separate from cancer causing strains.


    Some people get it worse than others, but the funny thing is that most people (very likely including you, statistically speaking) have or have had some strain of HPV. Men are not tested for it, the only way to know is if you have a wart causing strain that manifests symptoms. Stigmatization doesn't help anyone here, it just causes drama.

  3. Ron Paul's approach to environment is simple, the government should stay out of it.


    Don't like it? It's probably because you think the government should be involved in almost every aspect of your life. No surprise there though. Most people expect government to provide them with EVERYTHING.


    Thank you welfare state, for warping generation's of people into assuming there will be a safety net provided for them forever.


    People act as if this dude promotes pollution. But if you understood Libertarian philosophy, you would understand the approach he has to it, it all comes down to private property rights.



    Wow. You're so smart dude. Please enlighten me. I don't get Libertarian philosophy, I'm so brainwashed I just can't understand it! I'm a government dupe! I've been reading the wrong books this whole time. The Lord of the Rings was just a Libertarian allegory. Fuck.


    Does it validate your ego to feel intellectually disenfranchised?

  4. There are hundreds of HPV strains. Most of them don't affect your genitals. Among the ones that do, wart causing strains are pretty much completely benign, while strains that do not cause warts have been linked to higher rates of cervical cancer. Over 50% of sexually active human beings are exposed to genital HPV at some time.


    It is a myth that HPV stays with you forever, many (if not most) HPV infections are eliminated by the body within a few years. Warts can be persistent but are usually not excessive, unless you have a highly deficient immune system. Treatment for warts is usually much more unpleasant than the warts themselves. Some doctors see treatment of warts (genital and otherwise) as a purely cosmetic procedure.


    In conclusion, this thread is full of morons, and it's no wonder that those who have had HPV warts don't share that fact with every partner they have. The shit is practically harmless.

  5. If anyone legitimately comes up with a solution to what is/could be a catastrophic problem, good for them, and thank you for it.


    Al Gore is a politician. He is not a scientist. Nor is he exactly a businessman. He does, however, travel the world researching and raising awareness of environmental issues he believes to be absolutely critical as well as emerging sustainable technologies.


    However this man is in a financial position to walk the walk. He doesn't plain and simple.


    I keep hearing vague allusions to Gore having a "big house with all the lights on" and "flying in personal jets" etc. etc. blah blah blah. I suppose it's a question of moral purity (which in my opinion is beside the point), but you can frame it this way: would you kill one man to save millions of lives?


    Gore probably sees his own resource usage as a necessary evil in his goal of spreading the gospel of sustainability. In terms of resources he counts as much more than one person, since he is such a figurehead. His resource usage comes with the territory. He could not accomplish his goals without flying around in jets.


    Also, if you really care so much about the guy's house, you can just do a little internet search and find out that the Gore's installed solar panels and a geothermal system along with some other stuff to make it more efficient. I personally don't give a shit how big of a house he's got.


    To say how he is different or on some other playing field than some grassroots organizer or basically a regular guy is completely ridiculous.


    Nope. He ran for president. He has a shitload of money and global clout. That sure as hell sounds like a bigger playing field than us regular guys are on.


    If anything my standard is higher for him. He is in a position to actually make significant change. Most of us really aren't. We are forced to live by certain restraints. IE: Financial income, what is available to us via local markets, etc and etc.


    Now you contradict yourself. It sure seems like he's trying to make significant change. People are talking about him and what he's doing all over the world.


    Knocking public figures might make you feel smart, but get your head out of your own ass and give the guy the benefit of the doubt. He's not that bad.


    Edit: Also, Gore doesn't primarily preach individual action to live sustainably. Like I said before, he is involved at the level of government/industry. I agree with this approach, I think reform must be primarily top-down. He is trying to help pass legislative reform and help emerging 'clean' energy industries get a leg up. This is something you small-government types might not understand.

  6. front squats with any real weight are gonna hurt. you'll get some what used to it.


    For sure, I figured it'll get better it's just annoying to not really get a leg workout from them. And it affects the next time I hit bench, which is a pain.


    I'm curious about creatine as well, although I don't think I'll ever use the stuff. I stick to whey protein.

  7. (stop in 1960 to avoid

    ; the decline that affects tree-ring density records)


    ...and? Which decline? How are tree-ring density records affected and what exactly are the tree-ring density records indicative of? This sounds like a certain method of analysis is only accurate within a certain time period. Doesn't sound unusual. Nothing here indicates funny business.


    I'm baffled that you can't see how much you're reading into this "evidence."

  8. Casek, none of what you just posted proves anything unless you provide a LOT more context. Your assumptions are hemorrhaging right through your meager 'evidence.'



    The climategate "scandal" was a giant load of hoo hah. In addition to the fact that the findings have been independently supported by many other groups worldwide, as well as the raw data being 100% freely available for anyone to pore over, the emails were evidence of very routine dealings that any scientist who has ever dealt in peer review journals and scientific journalism in general recognizes as part of the selection process. All of my scientist buddies were completely flabbergasted as to how that shit was interpreted.


    And lets not forget that of 11 years worth of emails, that's the closest "evidence" they found that even remotely suggests some kind of cover up. Wow, great sleuthing guys!


    Thank you, I've been saying this for a while. I have a lot of respect for scientists and this amateur-climatologist/conspiracy-nut bullshit pisses me off. It reminds me of some fat slob in the stands trying to heckle a pro athlete...

  9. Who here does front squats?


    I've been doing back squats for a long time, and I'm trying to start rotating front squats in every other week or so, but if I put anything over 135 on there that shit rapes my shoulders. I have pretty beefy shoulders too, but it still hurts like hell. I tried the clean grip but it was killing my wrists so I've been using the crossover grip.


    Any advice?

  10. No, scientists are not in consensus about the causes. What do scientists have to lose? Funding.


    Didn't the recent three scandals involving climatologists wake you up in the least?


    Agendas prevail.


    Sorry dude, but your tin foil hat is showing again...



  11. The point is Al Gore addresses issues at the level of industry/government. If he was some grassroots community organizer trying to get his neighbors to ride bicycles and compost, then he would be a huge hypocrite. But Gore is a big name on the big stage, trying to support sustainable energy and environmentalism on a global scale.


    I'm not gonna get into whether dude is "right" or not in what he's doing, but calling him a hypocrite is some pretty watery mud to sling.

  12. :) kind of forgot about Lashley, how have his fights been?


    Last time out he beat down Wes Sims...it was kinda early stoppage but Sims didn't stand a chance anyway. Lashley hasn't lost but he still hasn't fought anyone decent...I'm waiting for Strikeforce to put him up against Brett Rogers, see what he's made of.


  13. who should brock fight? when will it be fair?


    Bob Sapp! hahahaha


    How about Bobby Lashley, it would be a WWE showdown.


    Lesnar would probably murder both those dudes though.


    There is a sanctioned Superheavyweight division, the UFC just doesn't have one.

  14. you'll believe he's the real deal?

    homie he is the motherfucking heavyweight CHAMPION.

    not kimbo.

    he DESTROYED herring. he HUMILIATED mir.

    he beat mir's ass TWICE, only the first fight he left himself open for that knee bar.

    he is not invincible, but he is the best wrestler in mma and that alone will suffice until he gets hands.

    idk how anyone is gonna knock him out, his neck is so big you cant rock him in the jaw.


    and why is it brock's problem that he's so big? you guys say that like its cheating.

    dude fights at 285-290 and moves like hes 185.


    Dana White damn near handed him the belt. He beat old-ass Couture who might as well have been (and now is) a light heavyweight, to become champion. Then he beat Frank Mir, which was definitely impressive. We'll see how their next fight turns out with Frank fighting at 280+.


    Being big isn't a 'problem', but it doesn't make his win over Couture as impressive.


    Lesnar's doing well, but as far as his resume (yes I've watched his fights) goes I don't get why anyone thinks he's so much better than guys like Fedor, Cain, Brett Rogers, Dos Santos, Josh Barnett, even Carwin (although I think Carwin is over-hyped.) Dude's only had 5 fights, and lost 1 of those.


    This is all just message board talk anyway, we'll see what happens.

  15. Wrestling seems like the best base for MMA, but Lesnar still hasn't proven himself as far as I'm concerned. He couldn't finish Herring, Couture gave him a run for his money with a 40+ lb size and a fat reach disadvantage (not to mention age), and Lesnar beat an overconfident, much smaller Mir, after losing to him previously. If Brock wins his next two fights I'll believe he's the real deal. He is improving though.

  16. I would consider Cain a top heavyweight, but I mean that more like top-10 status. Plus in the contender pecking-order he's next in line for the title shot after Mir/Carwin. I'd like to see him fight Dos Santos.


    I agree that Mir is going to beat Carwin. I'm thinking KO, based on their most recent fights. UFC 111 will be good, and there are some decent free cards coming up before that.

  17. Re: --------- GET OMELETTE OR DIE TRY'N - The Official Omelette appreciation thread ------


    ^mostly just cook em on med-low heat and don't make them too thick. 3 or 4 eggs is probably the most you want to use, depending on pan size. Put the cheese on right before you flip it. Whip the eggs with a dab of milk and salt/pepper.


    Omelettes are a great hangover helper and probably the greatest breakfast food available.

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