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  1. that jers is really clean and no offense but it doesnt seem like he did it
  2. all i hear is "you mad" no offense but keep your mouth shut and let the haters hate you look like a fool replying to them and you said "haha" like 12 times in one paragraph...chill out
  3. come one guys lets not turn this into the dallas thread that got shut down...we all know the truth about austin even those who are on the shitty end of the truth know the truth...there is nothing to prove so lets all keep our mouths shut and paint...bump the gomer habits dratko!
  4. Seattle hit me up I need to paint in you! Rgyle from Austin Texas. Homies with bier kyt
  5. same way other people do it...they go out and paint balls to the wall
  6. evidence for building cases
  7. has it been dissed by mr x man yet?
  8. someone should go flick this billy off mopac...just north of hwy360 on the east side of mopac fwy...i couldnt tell who it was but it looked dope haha
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