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  1. Some of the theories and observations are interesting, but really? Kubrick really did all of that shit on purpose? Dude was fucking brilliant no doubt, but I don't buy it. Also, dude didn't have a ridiculous IQ like they said he did. This was dope.
  2. pedoe


    anybody got a ilnk for these? apparently they were released yesterday
  3. Chicken burrito, extra avocado
  4. Bump. Anyone here going to Outside Lands in August? Just saw on the website that there is going to be live painting by Curve. Doubt it's Curve TGE NSF, though.
  5. pedoe


    Thought they were going to be suede, too. Turns out they're not, still tempting though.
  6. pedoe


    Always wanted a pair of grey IVs Yay or nay?
  7. Can't wait for the Braves to slap SF silly
  8. That sucked. That co-main event, though!
  9. pedoe


    these are supposed to drop this year, any guesses on the resale value after a month or two?
  10. Re: ex-cop on cop killing spree in CA (R.I.P. Christopher Dormer) They found a burned body, but an intact wallet? Of course the body isn't his.
  11. Lots of footage of him in this.. RIP
  12. False. Tpbm is still paying off school debt.
  13. Fucking irate about the fact that the news keeps dropping that "oh, but he was a smart kid." Do not give a fuck--tell me how his stupid ass parents raised the little shit.
  14. Scutaro was the true mvp, but I guess getting at the Babe's level overrides anything.
  15. Not too shabby horror flick from the UK, had mixed feelings about the ending.
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