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  1. so mean while this hasnt changed much ... peace to all the homies that be on this on the low low... what it is b . you know what it aint .. iiiight chill 12
  2. It's on the left in pink. With little polka dots
  3. Panas forever all day you fuckin turkeys.
  4. yo jump on your couch or your momma couch and sing that nigga
  5. tony montana tony montana tony montana nigga ..
  6. wordup b shout out to little nigga mineral ,sam sneed, big bear little bear,study120 ,dirtyshampo free mista free chi ali rip polopanas and big a from the shelter
  7. ok so whos head of opereations in here .....
  8. panasane forever you sissys. ohhh yeahhhhh
  9. take it to pm no movie script typing
  10. now you answer? listen still nobody cares ..
  11. chill b mr c is down with them i dont know if you koo with mr c and all that namsayyyyyyin.,..
  12. ray tnv cent .. olskoo bmt writers...
  13. jesus saves with the church theme music that guy is super toy for life..
  14. yo b mybad yo niggas came thro with 40z and blunts nameeen triple beam and all that b
  15. how son did balls with hair and hearts in his throwy then wrote all that rainbow stuff to add no homills ha reeeely
  16. little nigga mineral crazyinsane sharkyloko skarcigar167th shortchop loc dirt ninja and cant forget crazysam
  17. its the 1 man army ason i never been tooken out i keep mcs looking out ... rip to big a from the shelter ... free chi ali .. yeason171
  18. panas forever b . more cheeseburger b
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