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Everything posted by EarToTheGround

  1. Looking good @misteraven !
  2. true, that would be nice. tpbm has a bass guitar
  3. Fucking cool stop motion man^^^
  4. I haf to go ta haspital i see a blurry
  5. You said it. I have been literally yawning every minute or so since this fight started. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  6. That will def be fight of the night, Btw, I fucking hate Jake Shields. lol "drinking game"
  7. oof, glad they replayed it, missed it before. *smoke break*
  8. Minolta XG 1, Pentax (asahi) k1000,Canon Pellix. Got the Pentax through a friend for $20 including original bag/flash/extra lens(zoom)/manual. The other 2 I got the other day at Saver's (along with a "newer" bag,a zoom lens for the Canon, lens caps, body caps and some other random shit for 12 fucking bucks. I need to get them working though, the pellix is going straight to National Camera Exchange to get looked at, and the Minolta hopefully just needs batteries pretty sweet deal though. Really need someone to take me under their wing so I can take betterer pics though, this trial and error shi
  9. sopcast: clik tvu: clik http: clik clik clik clik clik clik clik clik clik Hope some still work throughout the event. Bout 3 hours to go.
  10. I know what you mean, but I still dig the Nathrakh.
  11. True, was yesterday (a little.) tpbm is waiting for something in the mail.
  12. Citizens Arrest t-shirt Camo pants Grey hoodskie
  13. About to go help set up a new menu at one job, then go do a shift at another job. Then go shopping for a potluck tomorrow. Lots of food.
  14. Dear clueless owner, thanks for trying but the idiot you hired to manage the place doesn't have anyone's best interest in mind but his own. Thanks for letting me write the new b'fast menu though. ~ETTG
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