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  1. http://cope2pointingatthings.tumblr.com/ might be a repost but enjoy
  2. http://www.thisiskent.co.uk/Smirking-yobs-admit-spate-graffiti-Tonbridge/story-16642309-detail/story.html Enjoy
  3. wics2


    tumblr has more of my shit
  4. Battle between me and Reach8. Who won? Reach8 top, WICS2 bottom...
  5. peep the hand gestures, what do they spell
  6. I see good structure in the first one, the second one's colors are on some eye popping shit.
  7. REPOST FROM NYC BLACKBOOK THREAD Brook Queens represent
  8. My bad. Please disregard the right girl. She's not of age.
  9. GIRLS LIKE IT SO I DO. (trolol)
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