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  1. site thts a major decline on wat im used to seeing from u dude...i dnt like one bit
  2. nd yes tht sketch with the face flying off is super sick
  3. freshist piece yune done in my opinion...i like... and bump tht alts up thea shits lookin FRESH
  4. yu should send one for ya boy up north homie ^_^
  5. dog every time i see your shit it blows my mind we needs ta exchange like asap holla at me in a pm
  6. WOW u should really stop the chomp...shit looks alot like keane and wets....
  7. bump tht shit above me bump cher nd bump all tht NEW satire flava...its lookin real nice man
  8. this shits amazing...i wanna do a dam sculpture now ^__^
  9. that INS shit is freshh man mad clean
  10. thn mang... rebs battle...mad quick
  11. everything is fresh except the overlapping small 3d shit...aand the kick in yur are is horrible...make the spot wea it kicks off thickr and the battom part more flowish
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