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Everything posted by Harold8b

  1. this guy got some nice beats... http://youtu.be/qwPx8P1bllc
  2. smash the blonde if she kept the corset on. throwup if she took it off. and 'd smash nearly everyone massgraff puts up, he got taste.
  3. bare hipsters wear jordans now too though. these are fresh
  4. just rolled up the cheese and put goblin on for 1st listen. so far i duno why people are hating 'the devil doesnt wear prada, im clearly in a fuckin white tee'
  5. sweet barcode cover-up
  6. hahahahaha oh shit. propd. this has probably been asked a bunch of times but what is a good free software to make gifs? i watch a shitload of films and spot good ones all the time.i wanan make some
  7. berserk is the best series i have seen personally. cowboy bebop, hellsing, akira obviously, vampire hunter d, neon genesis evangelion. Ive heard the Urotsukidoji movies are sick, downloaded them but havent got round to watching yet. death note and paranoia agent were pretty good too.
  8. 'semen-laced water bottles' made me laugh
  9. the holy mountain. classic shit man. post more gifs from it
  10. ive heard people saying theyre doing a free daytime show in camden on sunday for mtv or some shit? mnight just be rumours
  11. 'what yall know about dem wild niggas, devil child niggas 'bout to kick the bucket, say fuck it and smile niggas'
  12. any londoners know what the deal is with the shows next weekend? a mate had a ticket for me but they cancelled the shows:hatred:
  13. says sold out there but i found some for £10 too. like you said will be full of twats but im on it for a tenner!
  14. shit. i googled and can only find 2 tickets on gumtree for £60! fuc k that.
  15. its the illuminati promoting gang violence through trainers, br0. 'george bush n dem niggas..'
  16. saw that on another forum ages ago and it turned out to be a shemale. now scroll up and watch it again
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