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  1. i watched a few different episodes which were like 2 hours each of ancient aliens. and although loads of people take the piss out of it, i thought it was a fucking good series. that shit fascinates me
  2. no, i was replying to the person who bumped the thread above me. i quoted your awesome english accent impersonation cos it made me laugh. spot on though. everyone here says 'safe, bruv, innit' in every sentence. good work.
  3. last time bumping tis thread, i promise.
  4. fuck college, nurga. education is gay
  5. :lol: i think people know its real, they just love to talk shit on here. bruv.
  6. its obvious he killed her for different reasons though, the 'free breakfast' bet has been thrown in to make it sound more shocking. my grandma lives in wales, i used to go there quite often and its boring as fuck. no wonder kids grow up to do shit like this edit* no offence to the welsh oontzers haha. i hear cardiff is pretty cool
  7. i always thought the 'compliment the person above you thread' sucked balls.
  8. thats a cool photo though. its just a shame about the copys of Graphojizm on the floor
  9. im actually real pissed off to hear this news. i never got to meet her. i loved that crazy bitch.
  10. its a documentary so wrong thread really but couldnt be bothered to find the doc thread. just watch it, its dope.
  11. ^they also have the ability to see into dimensions which the human eye cannot see..
  12. Re: B.o.B AKA more hate on the mainstream hipster rappers. looking forward to hearing this wu tang album. my friend puit me onto roc marciano about a year ago, ever since i been convinced hes one of the illest moptherfuckers out there/ cool story bro.
  13. it'd be cool if the dots joined to make a hand print
  14. i dont understand how the fuck its coming up with only pics from 12oz when i search mine. not even pics i posted myself. just random pics from different threads
  15. i have it on my hardrive still havent watched as ive heard its well shit. prob worth a watch for a laugh though. its on piratebay EDIT* and i thought whites of west virginia was funny as fuck. overly dramatic with the music and shit, but Sue Bob and Kirk had me lol'ing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5ZCfo9RzO8
  16. dope. you need a real catchy hook on one of them though, to keep people watching again and again
  17. its fucking weird for some reason i actually like this guys flow/voice over good beats. been bumping that 'age of information' for a little while
  18. this guy got some nice beats... http://youtu.be/qwPx8P1bllc
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