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  1. i also want to know. did a quick search and im guessing its probably from this . if anyone knows for sure though...
  2. http://youtu.be/NGFuB3jnaO8
  3. yo why does 12oz keep being gay and not let me sign in on firwfox? i had tyo go on interbet explorer to to post this shit wtf
  4. for a few seconds i genuinely thought this said KOON RICH
  5. needs to be on this page at least twice.
  6. this one-legged, old alchoholic guy rolls locally around in a wheelchair shouting at everyone, rolling in the middle of the road in front of buses and shit. if anyone says anything he flips out on them. this thread would be better with flicks or videos
  7. ive been stalking that bitches vids for a minute
  8. yo someone please tell me what this shit is from
  9. fucking props on the michael douglas in falling down. i had that idea a while ago, you hit it spot on
  10. i went into croydon (my home town and probably the worst hit place in the UK - not bragging, just saying) yesterday to see the damage and see a few people. and everyone pretty much feels the same way. "we should do that EVERY year blud" "man got pure new ralph get me" "who wants an ipad?"
  11. ^ exactly. soup sounds lke an absolute dick. umad, br0
  12. arent you the one who referred to london as 'the home of banksy and dubstep'...GTFO
  13. http://photoshoplooter.tumblr.com/ bring on the lulz
  14. shit is crazy over here. boris johnson just got verbally raped in clapham live on sky news.
  15. "Oh how the mighty hath fallen.. ..In less than a year i've gone from a lifestyle consisting of unadultered daily doses of blowjobs and butthole to masterbating once a week in a prison cell over a picture of Jessica Alba buying a coffee.."
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