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  1. im not a big fan of the guy, but i like how he sampled dash snow on this..




    and to be honest, he probably has more to say than 90% of anyone else out at the moment. but fuck it, i love me some ignorant rap

  2. This just confused the fuck outta me, I still am unsure why everyone was so excited that this kendrick dude dropped one verse on someone else's song? I don't really follow US hiphop (in the midst of a huge UK hiphop binge these last few months, being from the UK and all) so I spent yesterday on Twitter bemused.


    i cant stand uk stuff anymore. mad cringey. lewis parker - masquerades & silhouettes remains a classic though. children of the damned are alright but like i said - uk shit is cringey to me now.


    people in here saying hip hop is shit now? theres been some good stuff out the last year or so. anything roc marciano does. prodigy - albert einstein album. freddie gibbs ESGN album. Lil ugly mane. that Wu-Block album was alright. styles p put out a free album a while back which was good. that joey badass kid is actually not bad despite having a terrible name.


    and also, joe budden is an absolute fucking clown.

  3. The city's like an open sewer. Sometimes when I go out I get head aches it's so bad y'know? I think whoever wins the election should just flush the whole thing down the fuckin toilet.

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  4. I'm not about Twitter and barely on Facebook but someone shared one these tweets on Facebook or whatever and I lost it.


    i feel a lot of you old time oontzers can totally dig this.




    Norman N.



    My dad is 83 years old. I'm teaching him how to use the internet. I told him twitter was how to search things on Google. These tweets are what he's searching.





    surely after tweeting one or 2 things he would realise something was wrong when hes not getting any search results?


    fucking funny anyway though

  5. Do I gotta be the one to say that this guy kinda sucks?


    Like yeah I respect that he's up and been around for a while but like, 30 years and your stuff still looks like that? :confused:


    who gives a shit about what it looks like? anyone whos been around for 30+ years gets respect regardless of style. all about longevity and quantity. style is just a bonus

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