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  1. http://i1034.photobucket.com/albums/a426/bowzerdoogiehowzer/other%20random%20funny%20cool%20crazy%20shit/5172755947_f2c27a9cb6_z.jpg[/img]"] http://i1034.photobucket.com/albums/a426/bowzerdoogiehowzer/other%20random%20funny%20cool%20crazy%20shit/slavetohip-hop.jpg[/img]"]
  2. http://i1034.photobucket.com/albums/a426/bowzerdoogiehowzer/other%20random%20funny%20cool%20crazy%20shit/big-l.jpg[/img]"] http://i1034.photobucket.com/albums/a426/bowzerdoogiehowzer/other%20random%20funny%20cool%20crazy%20shit/5172755947_f2c27a9cb6_z.jpg[/img]"]http://
  3. http://i1034.photobucket.com/albums/a426/bowzerdoogiehowzer/other%20random%20funny%20cool%20crazy%20shit/419141_392586370770436_332346250127782_1384235_1122928392_n.jpg[/img]"]
  4. any recommendations on what i could/should, acquire for a pistol (or revolver) to carry on my ankle, in an ankle holster ?? but not too crazy expensive does ch.0 12ooontz dig USED ? going to gunshow this weekend, maybe a used 1 will be suiting ..
  5. ...yea, they were Dallas - Ft. Worth TX, as of last of my knowledge ..**andddd, Ironlak got shidddy wid 'em, from what i heard (distribution rights) so the same Chinese factory that pumps out Ironlak and All-City paint pumps out Oinks new paint ** i think its called Fresh. havnt been to their site in a minute
  6. toughest buffing city in the world get ready to see your shit never ride & work overtime violent. gangs. psycho 5-0 deep negative temps whole winter
  7. Pilsen & the stockyards, way way way back was originally all German & Irish (& a lil Italian & other), then transformed super Polish, Czech, & eastern European which it STILL IS, today, & with lil Italy to the north. ... but yea, it's majorly Mexican, has been since the late 60's.. but Chicago innercity, ethnic neighborhood competition is the story of Chicago, & always will be, & is most distinctive of any NorthAmerican city .... now, pussy ass, cant fistfight to save your life, herb trying to say you like designer graffiti spraypaint art-fagg, know-nothings, heavy regulation is needed for them in general ...in any city.
  8. tight bonus round Afrika Quits FLVK UPSKI NUA Sleepy Tazer
  9. Coer BKF crew Woer More Zestoe Clozer Phame 2DXXX Ham1 Sizer21 Sleepy Vital canine with the loc's gr8bench the 5th element always is used
  10. They wanna know why i'm so fly; this one time a bitch asked me fo' a ring, & i put one around her whole eye. ... I'm lookin out fo' them like the' papa; i wouldnt give a bitch 10 cent ta put cheese on her whoppa. Big L cappadona 139&Lenox DITC.NFL.HarlemWorld.
  11. ^^^^ i agree. smash all, fuck it some better in others in that one, fuck it, smash all
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