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  1. as far as stopping in wickets i have always reffered to them as knots its a place where your line changes direction. Or if any of you have a better under standing for music it is like a pause in musical writing, the instrument doesn't stop but pauses for a single beat.

  2. all the fuck im sayin is...if your gonna take the time to partially post a monster effort by the 3 of them youre on some cornball shit cause im sure whoever flicked it couldnt miss the fact the whole shit was wrecked..show the whole fuckin thing..let everyone get there just due..but then again this is philly...The City Of The Dickeatin Ass Writers... who tend to only post themselves or there boys shit..i miss the other site..someone would have at least put the whole shit up regardless of who did it!!!


    do you realize how slow you would have to drive on 95 to get decent pictures of both so its like do you take one flick of two writers or one flick of one personally the pic of two writers crushing one whole roof is more immpressive of a pic. and take note im saying writers not specific names because its not about who it was but when you have seconds to snap a pic on a highway you have to decide whats the best picture. big ups to all three of them though cuz that was a mish and a half to do all three roofs like that.

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