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  1. lb1


    yo chiefwiggams where do you get your pictures?
  2. lb1


    tots on some futura type shit!
  3. lb1


    who got the flick of the present state of the roof xo fell off caught a real quick glimpse today shits official
  4. i hope this is all these dudes listen to since their cdc stands for cool dudes crushin (and i hope that even they are able to laugh at the generic typical graff meaning behind their cdc)
  5. lb1


    as far as stopping in wickets i have always reffered to them as knots its a place where your line changes direction. Or if any of you have a better under standing for music it is like a pause in musical writing, the instrument doesn't stop but pauses for a single beat.
  6. lb1


    clownshoes you got a name to go with this set of future weapons?
  7. lb1


    jinxed got another 20 copies of silentwrytes vol.3
  8. lb1


    jinxed is supposed to get more silent wrytes mags so keep checking in
  9. lb1


    do you realize how slow you would have to drive on 95 to get decent pictures of both so its like do you take one flick of two writers or one flick of one personally the pic of two writers crushing one whole roof is more immpressive of a pic. and take note im saying writers not specific names because its not about who it was but when you have seconds to snap a pic on a highway you have to decide whats the best picture. big ups to all three of them though cuz that was a mish and a half to do all three roofs like that.
  10. why not use the 100 cans them selves to just go redo the spots search secret samuri on you tube i think it was those dudes dissing pieces.
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