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  1. Not one Huf tag in all of DC so stop talkin ya cuntpunt!
  2. looking real dope so far.. tons of good shit! keep postin homie!
  3. that Ayer! fuckin fresh shit
  4. awesome post! lots of really dope stuff
  5. its not baltimores val, its a crew
  6. hmmm theres alot of dope writers who are not on your "up" list
  7. this shit is played out I am tired of seeing this quick internet fame bullshit. Nero is a mediocre writer at best who has been in the game for like 4 months. Im not one to hop on here and shit talk and no disrespect to Nero cuz I walk these streets and I do see your shit alot. All I'm sayin is theres plenty of other writers doin it big with more style, that have been doing it for years that deserve the shine that your giving to this new jack. Ennuics if you are serious about documenting graffiti I think you should study it more before you put your shit out there. thats all.
  8. bump them old flicks and fuckin Juce Khed!
  9. dope idea for a thread!
  10. pretty sure that Halo got buffed last spring. there was a number of old hands on that building and behind it. maybe the ones in back are still riding. good shit tho.
  11. wack ballin' keep that shit in the scion thread
  12. ^holy shit! I knew it! the reptilian race is coming ya'll be prepared!!!
  13. feelin that Gator shit. seen a bunch of spots recently. that spring crush mode
  14. damn Indonesia got the boomin scene! much respect!
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