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  1. One of my favorites is Sin Nombre it means without name in spanish, makes all other gangster movies look like wannabes. Also my favorite is The Dark Knight and The Town.
  2. Fuck the sjpd. People on the south keep trucha they out and about looking for anybody that writes.
  3. Fuck the steelers.! Ravens all day pussies.!
  4. Why is all about mexico and hispanics they are not the only immigrants. I don't find it fair how people always find a way of how to get the mexicans out. I mean yeah there is a a lot of them and honestly they should kick out the ones who are just sniffing and shooting up the same shit they did in their country. But if your going to talk about "immigrants" talk about all of them. Asian, african, jappanesse, etc... Its just when I turn on the t.v. and see the news talking about the immigration problem and mexicans it makes the US look bad. As for the border problem they should up the surveillance and this is coming from a child of immigrants.
  5. Honor Saeto Atlas Augor...in my opinion some of the dopest names.
  6. Hahaha shit be getiing crazy over here.
  7. False, maybe during brunch. Tpbm rather smoke weed than drink beer or liquor.
  8. True, but i just smoke some weed. Tpbm has a medical marijuana card.
  9. This is dope. Bump that gaunt, nduce looking nice too.
  10. Tdm on the hustle bump fuck the haters.
  11. I hate it when the day starts off nice and brezzy then its hot ass fuck.
  12. Ooo and i hate it that my car aint fixed yet.
  13. I was, michael vick dissapointed. Tpbm had a great weekend.
  14. False, only go down if the grass is cut. Tpbm has gotten quiffed on while eating out a girl.
  15. Hell yeah, Nor Cal San Jo. Tpbm is also from the west coast.
  16. Bump the tdm money shots. Bump hysu and sjc for being all over the city.
  17. False. Tpbm beat someone down last weekend.
  18. False. Did you mean cook up.? Tpbm is reading a book.
  19. You guys need to shut the fuck up and go handle your shit on the streets. Nobody wants to hear shit about toys beefing it that's why they close down the sj thread. So just fucken pm each other or run up or shut up and post flicks.
  20. False. Tpbm does a lot of stereotypes of things that have to do with their race.
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