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  1. I've ridden that line! Sat looking out the door of my boxcar watching the unit of my train roll past in the opposite direction. Best ride I ever went on till I got pulled off and arrested for trespassing.
  2. That's the hardest Bambu I've seen! Damn, and his hand is fucking brutal on that car too!
  3. Fr8Hound always one of my favorite benchers. Looking forward to streak update too, I hope? Solid as always!
  4. Damn, it's great to see this thread active again!! It's been a long damn while!
  5. cleanmike


    Best thread on 12oz?
  6. Great thread man. That Colossus photo is a beauty! If there's better photos to come, I can't fuckin' wait!
  7. My opinion on benching is that you should post every piece of graff on the line, regardless of what you think of it. Because honestly, I don't know who you are and I don't give a fuck what you think is good and what you think is toy. I want an honest look at the trains coming through your lines, including clean cars and the big pot leaf that some hesher painted with a can of his dad's green rusto. Bump what you like, but don't fucking decide for me what I want to see. That said, nice thread dude!
  8. I wish I could see these fucking flix...
  9. Re: red sox really suck dick bump the shit outta quadruple stacked pigs and that csx trop!
  10. RIP KING OF POP, dope chinatown t-shirt style!
  11. Solo Artist like WOAH! Thanks for sure, crazy good update!
  12. Hope to see this one get revived. My benching has been pretty unsuccessful lately, but I will do my best to get this thread active again!
  13. Hope this one gets revived. I haven't had any benching success in a while, but I will try to get some new flicks up here soon.
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