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  1. Surprised nobody mentioned Getting Up yet. This book really gives you the basics and a lot of history.
  2. will the new forum »invert« its color scheme? it should be known, if not by knowledge but by experience, that texts are hard to read in light type on a dark background. i actually copy larger text bodies into a text editor to be able to read them without getting dizzy…
  3. some 80 kids were apparently also on board: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/malaysia-airlines-plane-crash-boeing-jet-carrying-295-people-crashes-in-ukraine-9612882.html what a horror to be in a plane 30000 feet in the air, getting hit by a rocket. the plane falls apart with people still being alive, though possibly/hopefully unconscious..
  4. hangout @ mzee.com/forum ya can't tell me you don't know it :D
  5. make of it... uuuuhh... did you really? just? go that way? :D hahaaa! i am from germany. my grandfather was a full blown nazi. so, yeah, my genes are all fucked up and i will forever be a slave to the one-dimensional opinion of a 12 oz.-moderator. the hell is wrong with you? being from america and talking about »war criminals and murderers«? believe me that my generation is more than aware of the gruesome crimes our ancestors commited and we will do everything we can to avoid something like that to ever happen again. if i were you, i'd be really careful to blame other nat
  6. provocation might be your mothers maiden-name, but it is completely lost on me, hombre. looking forward to the day your puberty is finally over. :)
  7. a semi-reputational news source has been quoted – out of context might i add – on this here forum. i myself, a recreational beer user, am a little butthurt that us tshermans will never lose the stigma that my grandparents generation seem to have ultimately shone upon us. especially when teh »news« and the content thereof are american made and have got nothing to do with the current state of affairs in my not so beloved home-country.
  8. Google is an american company and it was them who fucked it up, so you're title is way off homie.
  9. The italian police had a Lamborghini many years ago: Guess what happened? They crashed it.....
  10. langweilig... zeig maln paar burner und nicht sonne langweiligen, unstylischen tags und feuerlöscher-kacke. ;)
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