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  1. what a idiot. stfu and stop trying to be cool. youre trying way too hard. and Doofy's righ Louisville is a bunch of bitches that need to grow up.


    Or move to a bigger city for awhile. haha! The same shit does NOT apply the way it does in the ville, and your quick to get called out runnin your mouth. Best beleive dat playa!


    The shit you learn! The shit you learn!

  2. Scud.

    Yeah.. thats just bullshit. They were probably like 17 year old kids too, no respect. Jealousy prolly plays a role in that one as well. Like I say with client's that bitch at work.. Fuck em. Let em hate.

    Thing is the pussys didnt even write their name.

  3. maze dont even worry abot Neid, hes a fuckin toy anyways his comments dont matter. the people he's co-signing against is the same people he adds to his friends list on myspace. what a joke. dont think I dont know about you.


    and that e beef shit has been over now anyways, so stop bringing shit back up cuz the people it was involving aint even posted shit in awhile, its been other dumbasses like urself keeping shit going. you look dumb. speaking of looking dumb lets not get on your fr8 attempts homie..... yeah I seen that shit. might even have a pic in my stash, so lets not get started on your ass. just shut up and continue to suck peoples dick to fit in.



    carry on with this wack ass thread


    lol. Just let it go homie. Just let it go.


    Aint no use.

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  4. Its over. I dont want to hear shit else from anyone about dekoz sarge or Kafe. Its over. Kafe's got numbers everyone knows that, everyone knows everyone has room for improvement as well. Until someone paints a dick so real it hops off the wall and fucks the nearest vagina I dont wanna hear shit else about this nonsence.

    Please. Louisvilles a dope city. Quit beefin and team up and crush some shit. Goddamn.


    Go cards!

    Go Lakers!

  5. I dont smoke anymore, its an inside joke for those that know me..

    But I can gaurantee if I rolled a stoagie yall would be down to smoke it.


    That could be a flick of some rare shit and yall would still talk some shit. It aint swag,its just a shitty flick.

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