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  1. Pretty good show I dug it. Cool set too. "basic cable band."
  2. amuse throw is pretty cool
  3. MaxRoach


    Exactly what I'm saying. I agree, but religion tends to find meaning for these actions and others in things other than hormones and human nature.
  4. MaxRoach


    I have no beef with religion, I'm just of a scientific mind and see religion as in invention by the masses as an explanation for the things that are so hard to explain- from human nature such as lust and stealing to the universe such as the sun, planets and stars. People can do whatever the fuck they want to do, believe in whatever, and I'll do the fucking same!
  5. King of scotch is Macallan, hands down
  6. MaxRoach


    I really liked it. Noticed the wedding ring's presense and the lack there of but didn't put two & two together. I'll have to see it again just to confirm that idea for myself. Also, I stayed after the credits before I read anything on here and never heard the totem drop.
  7. MaxRoach


    Learn something everyday ^^^
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