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  1. Cheers to the thread creator! We miss you Gyroe! Selek Meals Viper
  2. cycle and hecs always dope to see... ...And its one thing that baer is going this wild with panels, its another for them to be on my favorite Golden West Flats!!!! The killing is gruesome with this one!
  3. Cart selection and photo angles and time of day are dope!!! FMK's in 818 and 12oz?
  4. Asler a true bomber, real shit head but true bomber... Draft Mecro2 for the win.... Antes... Baels making moves too...
  5. stel hbak mecro mewt webs btc
  6. The Rat is from RATSO from the Los A's area... Nomer Plegr
  7. All the homies got play... Fuck cares about stamps.... I paint over numbers if it feels good. Not there to be polite...
  8. Thread quality never died. Maple and River are just killing shit right now. Period. Each one bangs hard. Versus classic Kerse Epik Demos
  9. DTCcrew holy roller was HOT!!!!
  10. Dont know what to say so Ill say it all.. My boys ran this thread from the begining... VS269 x2 hooked me wif the shrooms... When we arrived in the bay last week Salem hooked me on the spot with a canibeat shirt... Sworne got on the phone and told me his story... yall had to have a second look when it came to VS SQUID ESTO...
  11. HEFNER all day... wasp shouldnt even wasp and those clowns shouldnt even be brought up at the same time...
  12. Great stuff! None of the juice cart excursion?
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