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  1. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD my last post ever, enjoy
  2. cheifwiggums

    Dear ________,

    Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear swindle and the rest of this site that hates me, Im sorry, please dont threaten me over the internet, im done with this site, i e-mailed mods to delete my account and hopefully they'll do it, so this will be my second to last post ever. gotta put something funny in the gif. thread. anyways, farewell 12oz, i know you wont miss me. wiggums
  3. cheifwiggums

    Dear ________,

    Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear asshole, this is a fucking internet forum, not a fucking college paper. fuck yourself you sorry sack of shit
  4. cheifwiggums

    u know whats fucked up

    who fuckin cares dude
  5. cheifwiggums

    Dear ________,

    Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear injury, i bet youd love for me to suck your dick, thats because your "girlfriends" were prob boyfriends. your flaming fag. dear T14K, im not mad, i could care less if you find my shit funny, cuz i dont find your shit funny..and i suck at spelling simpsons character names?? who fucking cares. you and injury should meet up a and spend some quality time making fun of my unfunny posts and exchanging bodily fluids, you fucking homos
  6. cheifwiggums

    Graffiti Supply Stores (Not sites)

    dude, do you know how long that would take?? why dont you do it dude..
  7. cheifwiggums

    Dear ________,

    Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear injury, i find it hard to believe you've ever had a girlfriend, considering you spend all your time on this site, or prob on some gay porn sites. your buddy, wiggums
  8. damn i miss naces shit, mek big u on that prodo. jerseys lookin good!!
  9. cheifwiggums

    Missing Cat.

  10. no shit...ill 287 flix i always appreciated em cuz there so damn hard to get good ones good shit and thank you....how do people feel about kegef in jerz???
  11. cheifwiggums

    I was gonna _____, but then i got high

    i was not gonna get high you good for nothin stoners
  12. cheifwiggums

    Something is Wrong with America - my story

    im sure your computer nerd ass has done time right??
  13. cheifwiggums

    PHILLY OLDSCHOOL 70s, 80s, and 90s

    c00l dude u do drugs??? thats awesome.. on a real not, thos blackbook flix are fuckin gold
  14. they dont like jersey heads in philly if you didnt kno, now you do, and how is nask in aids, that dude is mad weak fuck the 12oz hustle