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Everything posted by WilliamMurderface

  1. oh, and you've been painting the same shit for 5+ years. thats what i meant by "anything new".
  2. i have to say, this last page on this thread (with the exception of the bson flick) turned out to be very boring. please quit giving a bad name, to an already understood city in the graffiti community. if you dont have anything new (or good for that matter) just stop painting.
  3. english people talk like disney cartoons. just saying.
  4. p.s. sorry for the testicle riding... carry on.
  5. i just have to say, everyone in msk is ALWAYS ahead of he curve in this culture, plain and simple, BUT Rimes new shit...his shit where it just disappears into space is just nuts. i love rimes shit so much that i would marry one of his pieces just to see him give it away at our wedding. but big ups to everyone in msk, always cheers me up to see their shit.
  6. hell yeah man. anybody from tulsa or even just oklahoma, keep this thread going if you want, i'll have some flix tomorrow.
  7. i hate european graffiti. it all looks the same. it also all looks stupid.
  8. i always dig that jrafe does the two color fades in his outlines instead of his fill. super dope.
  9. speak english or shut up. and my face was also ripped off by this thread. then used to escape to a south american country, only to return to eat my brains.
  10. i was so excited when i saw this brilliant writer had their own thread. now im sad.
  11. whoever did this should be cut in half with a big saw or some shit.
  12. that first rio/eagle reefer is sick. geso, always fun seeing his stuff. and that hour is clean as an hospital o.r.
  13. 7th letter. Gangster. listen to blackalicious. duh.:D
  14. homies fuse despise. shoulda got that despise hollow next to that fuse. he kills it. jase bombs are killin it too. old as shit.
  15. jrafe pieces make my nose bleed, and make me puk up blood.
  16. ...the comment of me being a girl was supposed to be a joke. fucking retards.
  17. no shops in tulsa. im a dude by the way. soooo, jokes on me i guess. assholes.
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