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  1. ohh shit.. you just made my day!
  2. cant remember how to upload pics anymore, every fucking time i try to post some pics it gives me a message about: "Your file of 223.9 KB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 100.0 KB for this filetype." regardless how large or small the photo is.. Btw. nice pics "forzakbh" keep em coming!
  3. lets get this thread going again.. ok?
  4. psyre

    Paris Grime

    Yo! I´m going to paris for a week, from the 29th of may, i´m a writer from copenhagen, denmark. if any writer/writers , wanna do a little production with me, holla.. Pm me.. peace
  5. yeah I agree monta.. That guy really deserves a book coming out with his entire graff-life documented in words and photos.. trains,walls,streets; with pieces, throwups and even some of his tags would be the right thing to put in a book about him.. damn.. especially the period between 98-05..
  6. I did a bicycling trip to that place last summer with my girlfriend, and was amazed by seeing that thing, live! Needed that one for my collection, and i think its one of the dopest pieces too. wish he would come upnorth (even further) again... leaving a mark..
  7. love the ones with more, awes and gigs. For how long were they in cph? it seems like they have been very busy with more on that trip.. And that oldschool stuff from the suburbs is dope as fuck!
  8. This must be my new favourite thread, really considering to visit this city to paint walls and productions.. Any barcelona guys? pm me.. peace from copenhagen, denmark..
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