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  1. berth pm me im in the city. MOMS KOC TCP
  2. H chill half the kids on this site are to wet behind the ears to get the reference
  3. Hey Encyclopedia Brown, it was a very faded and dissed w/ dumb shit. I couldn't tell you who it was underneath. Is that straight enough for you or would you like to further investigate? Encyclopedia brown. Hahahahah. I don't really check this much any more but whenever I do it's always good for a laugh Bump those who know and those who do it.
  4. KAY OHH CEE CLUB! MOOOOMMMMSSS GROUP. That Grief is 640. He will shank you......
  5. dekoe lookin dope wyadoe my dude. koc need to to come out west for a family reunion.
  6. Womp I see you pyle thought I saw you on my way to work if you dudes are still on the left pm if you wanna go out anddo a lil work Koc mvp moms
  7. so THIS is the same one from the OC? the cats pajamas yeah?
  8. This is a sad Christmas. I feel bad for this baby with the baby. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves he just was being a asshole because he wanted to fit in. SHAME
  9. Ne one with any bay area connects holla at your boi we out cha KOC MVP MOMZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZeS
  10. i keep trash bags with me....... you never know when you gonna have to drop a nigga off:eek:
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