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  1. more like the vest throw up sucks cock, just like him and ajar do to each other every night
  2. saros a dude not to fuck with. that dude definitely shoulda known better
  3. bump kato aerub jeans vizer malvo and especially young d cups whos puttin in mad work lately
  4. daps to the lil homie klasp ibu puttin in work on the streets and progressing alot as a writer. its nice to see up and coming talent for the future
  5. http://www.king5.com/home/Remove-Graffiti-and-Litter-To-Fight-Crime--85878882.html hahahah
  6. bump jeans hepc ups crew and lil d cups and clasp gettin in
  7. real deal my nigga adeks been killin it for a hot sec
  8. stoley or not, who gives a fuck. better then 10 straight pages of people talking
  9. im feelin bored...anyone wanna hit me with that deno video again? hahah
  10. fuck a kayo, we bump kato 3a btm all day, everyday
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