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  1. Dinoporn

    the most dirty, sketchy, grimey people/situations

    that old lady looks like she is pooping from her head, gnarly
  2. Dinoporn


    that spot is a joke now, but thanks for blowin up the spot, that looks like garbage, and thats comin from someone who knows the cats who painted that. bump, meeps, kujo, buska anyway.
  3. Dinoporn

    underground comics

    Im too lazy to post anything, but I though this thread seriously needed a resurrection.
  4. Dinoporn


    bump PASO RIP
  5. Dinoporn

    Haircuts and Hairstyles................

    Hell, whats not to like about that? I do cocaine and piss on children all the time, its whats up.
  6. Dinoporn

    Haircuts and Hairstyles................

    I have long hair for a guy, past my shoulders. For some reason lots of girls that I smoke weed with say that I look like the guy from blind melon... I guess thats a compliment considering he pissed on a 12 year old girl (much like R kelly) and did and shit load of cocaine then died.
  7. Dinoporn

    Dying to get out of 2009

    God should do use all a favor and kill off everyone on earth who looks like this.
  8. Dinoporn

    Dying to get out of 2009

  9. Dinoporn

    Dying to get out of 2009

    also as a late christmas present from god, the drummer from avenged sevenfold died today.
  10. Dinoporn


    Carlos Hathcock is the most brutal mutherfucker on the planet! he is the real life rambo. http://oldbluejacket.com/CarlosHathcock.htm
  11. ehhh not the best band ever, definitely not thread worthy. I was never a huge fan of new metal, but my uncle who was like a father to me growing up was the biggest metalhead I knew. I saw them live a couple years back with my uncle before he passed from cancer, it was a good show. If anything the drummer makes the band. Honestly how come nobody ever makes a fucking SABBATH appreciation thread?
  12. Dinoporn

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaa... Permabanned?? Channel Zero is Slippin

    Re: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat... Permabanned?? Channel Zero is Slippin For real though? I shouldn't have to explain this. He puts in work, still got spots in my area. even if you don't agree with me my point is still valid, posting up what other people write is not cool.
  13. Dinoporn

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaa... Permabanned?? Channel Zero is Slippin

    Re: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat... Permabanned?? Channel Zero is Slippin Even if those flicks are a repost its still not a good idea to be spreading what somebody writes all over channel zero. I'd be surprised if that really is DAO. Sik is a well respected writer in philly, gets mad ups, down with ICP (inner city Philadelphia) the oldest crew probably in history( don't believe me, do your research). If it is him than posting that is way outta line.
  14. Dinoporn


    Really GOTHPORN???I know my name is not well thought out or cool, but c'mon son. Dinosaurs over whiny goth bitches any day.
  15. Dinoporn

    The Great Photography Superthread

    Re: Fucking Favorite Flickr Flicks These are dope!