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  1. [ATTACH]144145.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]144146.vB[/ATTACH]
  2. why does everyone allways come with this "oh you like MSK" shit, get over it!!
  3. she needs ta eat some more udon noodles, sorry but tooo fuckin skinny
  4. Re: Great Pictures~ looks like the other building is painted too
  5. call 720 938 3214...dude slangs bomb tamales.
  6. that site the pics are from is sooooooo dope!!
  7. punch her in the face and see what she learned.......bet she gives bomb ass head too!
  8. maybe this lil nigga was the one that snitched before and thats why he got blasted.....
  9. fuck no i would say just leave this shit, even throw it on a canvas
  10. foos have been postin stupid shit last few pages
  11. arguing with my wife for the past 2 days because she found out i had fucked 4 bitches when we were sepperated about 4 years ago.........prob post the same thing in another few days too.
  12. when "church people" talk about jesus for fucking ever like you give a shit
  13. hahahaha^^ -when girls dnt know when to SHUT THE FUCK UP! i mean i havnt been talking for the last 5 minutes why are you still ramlbling bitch!! -when your in the middle of a long ass text and someone calls you -old people driving -when you hit that stupid insert button on the keyboard and you try to delete the last letter you typed but it deletes the letter before that, yall know. -when people dont know how to control their kids - im hispanic, but when these fools tell you "im sorry i dont speak good english"when they just told you that perfectly -salesman that use the word free to get you hooked, then say for only $35, fuck outta here -fools that will talk shit to while driving but you tell em to pull over and they somehow find a way to get ahead of you -when motherfuckers look at my wife
  14. [ATTACH]133171.vB[/ATTACH] 'satire' for the battle thread
  15. actually scratch that you mad, the next battle is SATIRE just one color
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