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Everything posted by FruityLexia.

  1. i plan on on sitting down with a cold beer and watching all 15 seconds of the fight. Sorry that you lost parts of your body but if you think your gonna be able to fight a normal person after that you deserve to get your little crab boy ass kicked.
  2. Re: What's The Last Movie You Saw The Sequel I thought it was really good, it was kind of like an old noir film. Great story line, i think it was there first movie they made together but i could be wrong, i recomend you have a watch. edit: to Irak.
  3. Re: How many of you want to punch Fernel Morris in the face. Im too scared of catching the gay off that dude to even be in punching distance of him.
  4. have a good time and post up your fucking pics.
  5. Re: What's The Last Movie You Saw The Sequel Iv'e been watching alot of Coen brother films in the last 2 weeks, my girl has alot of there movies, so i've watched a few that i hadnt seen. also watched this. Disnt really like it, also i think that Daniel Craig is the biggest douche out atm.
  6. havent posted in this thread for a minute. Last few days-
  7. Bump that engor tag up there, all the other stuff got wiped, if anyone has any other engor tags post them up!
  8. and get her pregnant and make a thread about it.
  9. Shit, i could never even start to think of actually going through with somthing like this, but i give you respect for not flipping out at the thought of your girl having a baby squeezed out her at that age and then you two raising the damn thing while your suppose to be out partying and what not, not to mention the whole money it costs thing. That said good luck and good luck to your missus, cause the next 9 months are gonna prolly suck for her
  10. I passed out on the train last night, ended up going all the way to the end of the line, got woken up, then fell asleep again. what an adventure that was.
  11. You dudes are like little school girls, writting lists of the most popular kids in the class. Who really cares, if someone is funny, posts good phots hasa good attitude, then there all good on here,thats most of you dudes but theres just a whole lot of fuck heads aswell.
  12. Think im just gonna go with my usual drinking style. But you can go ahead and try whatever you want, it's your ass/nh.
  13. I prefer bashing a vagina than watching someone else do it on the web. but somtimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
  14. Lawyers dont have tampons dude. everyone knows that.
  15. I hate not being down with the jokes.
  16. I didnt even know something happen. I was busy drinking and falling over.
  17. What are you gonna do. Strap your boot on.
  18. Am i the only cunt on this island who hasnt got theres yet. im about to kick K Money in the throat.
  19. Im out here drinking, gonna see a show tonight. I have some ill flu but im still gonna drink myself retarded, not a good idea. what are all you bra's up to on this rainy ass friday night?
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