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david robinson

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  1. david robinson


  2. david robinson

    keep it moving,cuz bad news travells fast

    dont shake the baby
  3. david robinson

    Los CIK's

    keep posting toy ass shit in here norad, makes it easier for me to cap that garbage. missed you by ten minuets the other day... you have a target on your back for life.. see you soon buddy
  4. david robinson


    Any time any place lil man you ain't scaring nobody lil man
  5. david robinson


    Any time any place lil man you ain't scaring nobodyMaybe this time it canbe one on one cuz we both knw you ain't doing shit without numbers on your side. Hope to see you soon lil man
  6. david robinson


  7. david robinson


    you know who i am so step and do something about it, or buy me beers an give me free drugs like 99 percent of your crew does when they see me in person. Id bet money you will never step up to me in real life... in fact pm me and we can meet anywhere you'd like, even tho we both know that will never happen.
  8. david robinson


  9. david robinson

    * NORTH DAKOTA BENCH for 01-15 March 2012...!! *

  10. david robinson

    Central Indiana Bench 1 (reup is skurred to fight edition)

    Let the post censoring begin in 5 4 3 2 ...
  11. david robinson


    Toy ass crow over coupe? are you fucking kidding me, could this guy be anymore toy???