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  1. i liked jesus saves when it was just a mysterious tag,
  2. "anyone from the middle east is a terrorist" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF45nb3BS_k&feature=related
  3. "look at him bleedin, this gonna be on NY1 in 5 minutes" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJErZSPi4Dk&feature=fvsr
  4. "hes moving because you are hurting him"
  5. never seen a blis in "the city", or pitstburgh for that matter. looks nice tho.
  6. def too old to crop, why you gonna do that anyways? these lame mother fuckers who rock their pit like its a lambo or a gold rope or some shit. its a fuckin animal if u want your pit to truely be bad you rescue one because YOU LOVE THE BREED then you dont clip the ears dont leave it cramped up in your apt all day do take it to the burbs where it can run and take care of it like its a life long companion and not a accessory to your wardrobe or something to fix your identity crisis. foreal my dog got ears and when she means buisness they tuck down against her head, and then she murders the fashion accessory or clown ass nigga standing in front of her. german shepards a diff story, she still workin on them, but croppin ears is dumb. youll spend more money on shit when it gets ear infections, it could go deaf and act retarded the rest its life, not to mention ticks and bugs and worms and shit... i mean the ears protect bullshit from the brain... my dogs ears will be bleeding while it shakes the life out of yours from the neck... croppin a dogs ears but dont make it pussy, or retarded, but often the people who crop their dogs ears have all the wrong things in mind and it doesnt help the integrity of the dog... i love pits by the way
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