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  1. fight was set up? man where do you guys get this stuff! one reason why ortiz was happy after the fight.. my man made over 3 Million Dollars! it was dirty what floyd did, but it was legal. sucks it ended that way, but thats how it goes
  2. what about that also lmn8 on the bridge? got that one? i got it somewhere
  3. Just a couple of photos i had laying around of the man. Rest in Peace Pistoe.
  4. haha and homegirl turns around to laugh at the lakers fan. priceless!
  5. knocking niggas sensless, is how i dismantle defenses...
  6. Crushing Freight Sides! Solid like Steel!
  7. Yosh was always dope, i got a few panels in my collection
  8. one of the dopest motherfuckers to step in the game.. bump this thread
  9. why is it that everyone has to blame mayweather for the fight now happening. manny had a grip of stipulations he put on the fight from glove size to the size of the ring and what not, floyd agreed on all of them and only had one request, blood testing, and he didnt agree to that. but all of a sudden its floyd's fault, and he's scared.. what's so scary about wanting to fight someone on the same playing field. none of you ever probably competed in the sport that's why its easy to make comments about being scared. theres nothing wrong about trying to fight fair. and it is very fishy that he is coming up in these weight classes and hurting these guys, very fish no matter how you look at it, but seeming fishy doesn't constitute him being guilty of 'juicing'. either way i just want to watch the fight as well, neither of these two are my favorites, but it'll be one hell of a fight. i see mayweather winning though.
  10. Page turner was a good one.. 13 Tzamet a great film.. the special features are dope on that one
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