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  1. Boats go fuck yourself u damn cocksucker....................
  2. Someone take the ball away from this guy
  3. Who's even thinkin bout wifen? Only the square comp box nerds would ever think of sumthin like that while us block pimps fuckem n leave em..
  4. Mason Moore a nice piece of ass..
  5. Goodbye to Chargers in playoffs, the city? & to opinions on message boards right? Boats?
  6. guess the experts got it all wrong :beat2:
  7. Love my town no halfsteppin READ my P/M aint spammin.. you to interested in me let me tell it... got me my PABST PBR & now I'm bored so here go
  8. Bold caps scare nobody homeboy drop the spammin, been in this game too LONG all that bullshit you talkin I'm use to it, that was OUR fortay and part of OUR game. That was/is the Lifestyle.. the way WE did things confrontations bombin, taggin n bangin.. gives a fuck let your paint talk homeboy OR your knuckles I dont give a fuck.. I didnt come on here to bang on the net or act I kept it real and I'm tellin it like it IS.. I just came in here gave MY 2 cents "since it is a forum to speak ppls opinions" and YOU ese got your panties in a bunch. I aint got nothing more to say to you Keep it movin.. Whos the one BUTTHURT??? Busted your EGO??? Funny guy..
  9. Whos butthurt sucka?? I dont need to go on here and ramble bout what I've done in the '90s or what I still do or dont do.. I know where I stand here in this town.. thats why I can speak on it.. And you?? Aint nothing wrong with a little criticism. Its always good to see fuckers from the oldschool come out and play sometimes, whats wrong with that?? fuck that talk of "I seen plenty in his day." Maybe your the sucka.. I just keep it real, whose mad? keep it movin fucka :lol:
  10. Its all the same to me.. still wack, last I heard stores, trade shows shits still a legal. Havent seen any illegals that should come with it once in awhile... Just my 2 cents, dont shoot me I got amnesia superstar ese vato rojo :shook:
  11. Idk bout red oldies & red wearing rappers.. round my parts we keep it blue.. anybody wanna clown bout that I aint trippin I'll let our system speak & btw posting store fronts is wack unless you got an illegal somewhere.. dont GET TOO OFFENDED ese but its true!!!
  12. Monday Night Football was nice for funz, Anybody catch the massacre??? ha..
  13. Monday Night Football was a good view today.. anybody watch the massacre ?? ha
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