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  1. ppl selling stolenb credit card #s on youtube.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8trdVljGnM&feature=plcp
  2. false, i run at the first sing of danger: this is why iv never been punched tpbm hates on me because i realy dont belong here but keep posting stuff
  3. dont leave your photobucket open for everyone.
  4. dont fuck w the icy hot stunna boys we go hard
  5. alight u guys win , ill stop . jeez
  6. dam how can u see all that,? what ev . heres more nonsenssse
  7. this is me stuntin at my moms house, im filthy
  8. no thats a dude i posted in the horrible tats thread lol. i kno him , not me tho nice try
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