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  1. Fuck that "Punk Rock Palace" by dest is dope, just goes to show how nice some solid, stylish, letters are. Why bother disguising letters with horrible structure with a 5 shade fill and a 4 colour key line? Har har har.
  2. Great to see Bake back in action, used to love seeing his stuff about a few years ago.
  3. Sulksulksulksulksulksulksulksulk.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVtxW2AtbTg
  5. Whatever man, a year or so ago heaps of perth dudes were dropping that 2010 crew.. get yur fax str8.
  6. This is not a "Site" is it?
  7. Horrible come backs don't make your letters any better, sorry to say champ.
  8. That Kalm is still the best thing I have seen in an age. Fuck your generic letters, Kalm brings a style that is all his own and fucking delicious to look at.
  9. Did those "Ais's" and some of the other shit really need to be posted....?
  10. How any of you faggots have the audacity to talk shit on Slam amazes me, give respect where it's due idiots.
  11. It's the revolutionary scribble style, muhfuckass too shallow to understand the depth of the letters I guess................................................
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