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  1. mewzer


    seapo and horse with the FIRE
  2. 'legit slang' i dont even know how to classify that- its like an inadvertant oxymoron... sigh
  3. that vims shit is busted...arr0wz y0 loving just about everything else in here...
  4. more gasm plz. come back to nashville.
  5. would you prefer i said 3rd gen? its a mark 3 passat... dick head :huh:
  6. caption: 'the F is for father figure kissin YADIGYEAH'
  7. but at least bruh knows how to spend it.........and with the almost matching fleece...give bruh some credit
  8. you say this while using proper punctuation, so youre equally nazi.... fuckin hitler over here. 2k10-er noob-er
  9. excuse me, derp derp, its an MK3 PASSAT.....hate to break your derpness to ya
  10. what is going on in here... those throws are whack as hell...the shirtless penis-to-neck action flick is not helping either
  11. BUMP deltron 3030 fuck THE CARTER bullshit..are you kidding.. anyways, im bumpin some afroman...as i drink my 40
  12. i would of not replied, but i feel like i need to of posted at least something
  13. tryin to read up on why my mad JDM type r wont start... strung out on coffee and cigarettes not comprehending words well... fuck dis weekend
  14. damnit you beat me to the post. and for that i hate you. ^^thats my diss and its YOU'RE...you practically set me up for a diss but i wasnt even dissing you at first...n00b
  15. because we have to keep alive whats left of the hip hop culture...
  16. what is wrong with your eyelids and shit....been smokin too much of that brown frown
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