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Everything posted by mewzer

  1. how is that in any way fun or cool? you have ruined the page.
  2. gota love the kid cudi fagboys
  3. i gots em for the low low lo mein
  4. any1 can draw me a graffiti? my graffiti tag name is DAO
  5. why are there so many tampon covered newbies in this thread? oink?
  6. chillin in my drawing class....tryin to score points on the professor
  7. Re: I shit my pants today. coffee + cigarettes + beer + microwave food
  8. fuck, im so hungry for all of this shit. this thread is the only one without BEEF (omg no pun intended)
  9. fuck all the disney pixar movies. they attempt to teach life lessons by traumatizing children. tpbm eats breakfast
  10. :cool: these plans are for after i get some basketweaves or RS
  11. bump whos got the plug on some more EK hatches? thinking about either building and boosting my ITR swap, or going midori green
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