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Everything posted by mewzer

  1. new streetlight sucks...why would you even think to post that
  2. cargo shorts are mad gangster
  3. you actually ate one of those?
  4. wat you know about that breaded chicken bread
  5. yo one time my boi passed out so we emptied a 750ml can of montana nitro on his ass with a rusto phat, homie died from that ish, i decided to never tag again.
  6. the thing with the balls in the ass is just too much
  7. me and a buddy climbed one of those until we reached some sort of observation deck about halfway up. but it was an enclosed ladder so it was far less sketchy...we didnt want to go to the top because we heard you could go sterile from the radiation.....plus it was cold/windy as fuck.
  8. every hipster whos any hipster drinks four loko
  9. real talk tho, like i mean ya know i like graffiti and all but like it takes so much effort, i have to go buy montana, then figure out which cap fits, then my mom drives me around while i look for a spot, then when i find the spot i have to figure out which sketch im gona use, then i have to keep laying down when a car comes, its tough stuff. /no toy the niggas know
  10. dear hot hipster girl, the sex is great. but you moan quite weird. also, i dont care that youre friends with every local band. you make it almost not worth the effort....but those thigh high socks keep bringing me back. fuckin love them thangs. -mewzer
  11. are you saying that every subaru owner should rally it?
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