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  1. frank fell asleep so we like, stuck a carrot in his ass
  2. mewzer

    The "S"

    ztuzzy z |\/\/| ../ \ .| | | ../ / .| | | ..\ /
  3. wtf was that? a traction bar? for a second i thought he threw a rod haha
  4. gifs of purposefully collapsed buildings arent that great.... 9/11 however..... then again, that was on purpose too....
  5. this thread contains the least amount of commas, periods, and other punctuations, with the exception of this post. it also contains the most e-gangsters.
  6. that rime freight is shick nashty
  7. that movie was an absolute disappointment- even considering my expectations were low to begin with. sure, banksy is a respectable 'street artist' with lots of great ideas, but it was a mistake on his part letting that faux filmmaker follow him around. then he deemed himself a street artist and took the ideas of all sorts of artists and somehow managed to butcher them. his ideas are incoherent, and he barely did any of his own work. he is a prime example of the many artists with no real talent who come up overnight because of who they know. it is NOT graffiti. /comeatmebr0
  8. that pokemon shit was retarded
  9. id have to disagree with that statement^^^
  10. Re: Shutter Speed Photography did that first one say oontz?
  11. so icey. dont neg me its worth reposting
  12. Re: Great Pictures~ just curious...how the fuck does a whale explode? and why did it explode in the street?
  13. havent seen a kalus throwie in a while. bump.
  14. Re: Great Pictures~ i hate when they juxtapose modern buildings with historical ones, as they do in europe constantly
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