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  1. obi1_77

    Art blogs, sites, etc.

  2. obi1_77

    The Photography Thread

    My first attempt at film, I quite like the lightleaks on the first one though
  3. obi1_77

    The Photography Thread

    sorry for the bombardment!
  4. obi1_77

    Sunrise to Sunset..and a lil in between

    Sunset over London Sunrise over Bath, UK Sunset over Bath, UK Sunrise out my bedroom window Sunset from my balcony Don't remember when or where this was Took me ages, but finally re-sized all photos
  5. obi1_77

    Art blogs, sites, etc.

  6. obi1_77

    I wanna see your...........PETS!

    one eyed kitty gets all the attention
  7. obi1_77

    What Are You Listening to 2011teen

    ^^^ Stza is coming to my city and he's crashing at this girls house I know, he requested a "dark room with no parties" cool story bro, I know.
  8. obi1_77

    Technology Addicted

    I find myself checking my emails/texts/fb in awkward situations. It feels like you're invisible if you stand there doing something but in reality you probably still look a dick.
  9. obi1_77

    grandfather film.

    Awesome! cheers for sharing man
  10. obi1_77

    What book are you reading? Part 20

    Just finished George Orwell's 1984 and currently reading American Psycho.
  11. obi1_77

    Justin Bieber's 3-D BIO-Pic