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  1. Flicks from https://www.flickr.com/photos/stotheb/
  2. Does anyone have flicks from that abandonded swimming pool off of Kasota? There was an ewok back there but I can't remember what it looked like. It would have been around 2005.
  3. the flora and shiva are really cool!
  4. damn that story is in the star tribune as well.... http://www.startribune.com/local/east/120669554.html
  5. yea that show sucked.. no babes and I was the only one in fila's... when's the next graff on tits?
  6. your camera phone flicks are mad toy son!!
  7. stolen form the atl thread
  8. http://www.standish-ericsson.org/FINALReportwithappendices.pdf page 20
  9. uselessid


    Kurth is the name of the company who ran that building. Kuma change the R and T into an M and the H into an A so that it spelled Kuma instead. When it got buffed the buffer painted "kuma who?" under it. Unfortunately I don't have a flick before it got buffed.
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