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  1. what do you call a short mexican? a paragraph
  2. mitch hedberg ftw "i think rotisserie is like a really morbid ferris wheel for chickens" most other stand-ups suck
  3. i predict horrible events for these geeks
  4. great flicks all round & apologies for such a 1/2-assed post assorted mobile piggery stationed around a protest probably envious of the ones that get cars if they felt like it, they'd fine you because your dog shat 1/10 of that undercover snack truck with a built-in awning
  5. ive never owned a pair/claimed to have. ever. they resemble pairs of giant gay slugs, which is why i said i can easily see why you wouldnt like them i hear ya on the overzealous padding/being a man & taking slams, but i cant afford new shoes as often as the slip-ons would become a pair of soles following one session. if i was flowed by both companies in an alternate universe, where only these skateshoes existed, sure id try the slip-ons at least once since im stuck in this one, and have rocked 'es for a while, this is going nowhere
  6. i bought a truckload of these for you in every colour combo possible theyre on their way :) i can easily see why you would hate these theyre still not nearly as impractical as these though the paper-thin fabric also works as gauze for when your toenails fall right off
  7. sweet part from the 1st vid i saw that made me start. it was before erik ellington went all hipster/hesh i know noone gives two shits about my life story but att least watch it for the skating's sake http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URzEPnyFqKc
  8. enjoyed those flicks, pet i know nothing about photography, so that cant mean much:D
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