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  1. hopped on & started pushing the wood interrupted my friends cat from his oscar wilde readings she wanted to go here. wasnt feeling it, but got to steal vans stickers from the display shoes the daily commute playing point blank. i will rape anyone at this game taken by my friend paramount irony crossword in the park. i was not much of a help kicked it at another friends place oontzed there briefly. yes, i did brighten the newspaper cover for the sake of visibility /end status: oontzing from my sub-par home computer
  2. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD :lol: i cant prop you again gnar, but i did choked on a pineapple slice
  3. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! sry to hear that man i had a beagle before H that died of a tumor. i know the feeling, to rather have seniors get mowed down by a firing squad than seeing your dog suffer. at least dogs dont grow into child molesters/rapists/& the like RIP tiger RIP katie believe me, the feeling is there. it loops into the dilemma of a court summon though. the first couple of times he was missing for a few days, wed go through the motion of contacting the missing animal shelters, etc. after being conditioned to him running away and returning within a day/two, we got caught slippng. basically we have no say because he is legally theirs yes it was stupid/i regret assuming the best case scenario im planning a little follow-up on his life when i can ill let the oonterz know if i had to punch someone in the adams apple because they did not know how to appreciate the unconditional love of a dog
  4. ^his studio probably smells like an old/moist ashtray the books you posted at the top are awesome, any idea who its by? i dont know much about famous artists & whatnot but ive liked rene magritte since middleschool
  5. the only time ive been to a strip bar, i found $40 on the floor without a doubt, it fell from a tray the servers used to carry bottles/money i picked it up, thinking it was $20, then realized there was another layer we left and i proceeded to pissing it away on more drinks for my friends and i apart from this, ive only ever found menial amounts of change here/there
  6. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! it sucks, i know the last thing i need right now is a court summon, and even if i had a case with a chance of winning, i dont have the funds to be taking this to small claims court yet another reason in lfe for my stupid signature from the outsiders
  7. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! sebastian after missing for a week, he was found being walked by a woman in a park. they adopted him from the pound while we were looking and is now legally theirs. if i ever see/hear of abuse to him, justice will be dealt good luck Big H i miss my pets
  8. Re: Great Pictures~ sad photo is sad fuck illuminati
  9. the greasy crunch before the explosion of flavour would not be there, but id try it & bacone ftw im tempted to create an ultimate breakfast heartstopper like that, but behemoth & also with hashbrowns & cheese inside its a shame im a lazy fuck:)
  10. Re: What's The Last Movie You Saw The Sequel not much of a story at all, but people getting slaughtered by a giant monster is sort of entertaining i guess needs moar gore
  11. i eat what i want when i want & never excercise (excluding a skate session here & there) thank you metabolism :cool:
  12. ^:lol: at least the ones that fuck up bad enough for the editing to be useless are forever disgraced in the eyes of the public this show is generally good to watch as rehersals too
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :(no
  14. yep all those lovey-dovey animal fairy stories turned into mangled remains of his "family" :lol: Leroy
  15. what do you call a gay guy in a wheelchair? rollaids
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