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  1. ^ these are underrated. try microwaving individual pieces for about 2-3 seconds, the chocolate inside melts and theyre 10x better :) candy till the day i die :D :D :D :D :D :D
  2. the owl ftw! i used to go there occasionally with co-workers for early morning bulgogi & pork bone soup the priceless sign for the rest of the oontzers
  3. ate a mozzarella crab meat sammich with a nh salad aisle of ales arrived at the pit for the 1st drum circle of this year drinking. the pit was now full & for the most part, we were surrounded by old hippies/hipsters/ravers/crustpunks/& misc lowlives people like this started spinning fire in a group like so quite drunk by this time & struggling to stand still for the exposure to display the human traffic here returning kicking back at a friends place /end
  4. never really got into monty python/mr bean, but these shows trump the bullshit sitcoms we have here *edit - didnt know summer heights was from australia. i failed
  5. after seeing this, i had to check her DA page her art sucks & her page is covered in subliminal jabs regarding her multiple personality disorder she is also down with puddle of mudd and jesus port-a-john enthusiest ol'dirtygeeezer gimmie yo panties
  6. youll like the last one if you play COD, also well written
  7. king of the hill is a classic most of the characters are hilariously neurotic and the humor is twisted & cynical. i like how the animation is a refined version of beavis&butthead too. its one of few shows that actually make me lol rip, another good cartoon such ridiculous stuff these guys went through :lol:
  8. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! i know what approximate area H lives in im devising a plan to "run into" him to talk to the owner about how H is doing (there to listen to H & observe his situation, disregarding most things the owner will say) if im not satisfied/there are clear signs of trauma after a few occurances of "running into" them, actions will be taken lets drop this for now, its making me hate myself (as it should) :spin2:
  9. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! i fucked up i know i came off negligent, there isnt much i can say to justify myself, the pound should have been notified i cant afford to get tangled in any legal issues apart from the fact i have no case, they're yuppies that wouldnt hesitate to pick up the phone if i tried to take H back by force it doesnt make it any better, but he at least went to a seemingly good home i dont blame any of you for hating me, that wont get my dog back again, i fucked up:(
  10. definitely fell out of the scene here, & clueless to as if they still have them, but we had a "bumrush" every year, where 100+ skaters downtown would mob spots they couldnt skate normally for a few minutes until the pigs/rentacops showed up almost pointless & you might get a few tries, but looks great on film that video from czech republlic was good
  11. ive only played that game once at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere and i was terrible. apart from nostalgia, the reason i play this is because it costs 2 tokens i miss the days of the downtown playdium/the STC arcade/etc... there were also a few good ones in the core, but they got shut down because they were a front for dealers most theather arcades dont do justice for how they used to be sucks theyre obsolete now nice flicks btw
  12. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD i guess that hippy was a buffalo in his past life
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