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  1. closed it as soon as i saw "donating money" that part is obviously voluntary like the job itself, but theyre suggesting you pay to teach others backwardass logic good for you though, it says a lot generally speaking, when it comes to donating money as opposed to time, seeing the result in person is key for me. unless i talk to an orphan & believe they werent coached, i will continue to believe that an unnecessarily large amount of the donated funds go to a system of fat, holy war-advocating assholes unless theyre homeless. i gave them that money to enjoy whatever poor decision that put them in that situation to begin with. no need for me to stick around & make sure theyre having a good time. the result itself is when i see them beggin on the streets afterwards. if it turns out they spent that money to help turn their lives around, thats just a bonus & i will have gained a little more faith in people its a gamble
  2. but everyday is a volunteer day of various methods of contribution; to shit on peoples lives & to make their day a little more memorable
  3. in elementary, they made us read to the juniors. i didnt see the point, considering half of them are probably ex-cons & janitors (internships for ex-cons) by now im down to volunteer with animals because of their general good nature helping people though, fuck that (ironic, i know) my decision regarding any possible future volunteer work was made when i visited an animal shelter & a swarm of love-deprived kittens in a room designed for them rushed me. i didnt have enough hands to pet them all, so i sat on the floor & let them express their love to me in a stricly platonic manner
  4. Re: Great Pictures~ veritably clean, where was that photo taken?
  5. not asking for much, just a girl to treat me like i was the last man on earth & do anything i say, no strings attached
  6. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD squirrel cat & flashback dog ftw
  7. ^with bear mace i have more respect for this fictional hate-filled character than the real one who tries to do good. dog the dog used to be an icehead (lol). fuck redemption, dude is a self-rightous piece of shit & im glad he got put on blast /endrant
  8. ive seen the first three episodes never really followed through pretty good show though
  9. most, if not all of the music on youtube is gone
  10. the parasites that go from circle to circle, hitting a few of every session
  11. i consider that natural selection... but i understand
  12. itll be ugly like your previous attempts at hats & nobody will want them this is a fail thread, its fair game. nevertheless, are you going to derail every thread until this becomes your forum about ugly hats? ink 718, leave your caps overnight in a mix of ammonia & bleach, they will never clog make sure the windows are closed
  13. you forgot to post pictures of your stupid hats for your stupid thread, stupid also are you bald?
  14. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD gotta hand it to him for knowing how to impress the ladies :lol:
  15. saw this for the sole reason that zooey deschanel was in it im sure id appreciate it a lot more, had i known about the whole culture/fanbase behind this book, or read it pretty funny movie though
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